Friday, April 23, 2010

My new Cricut cartridges

I treated myself to a splurge last week at Michaels. They had the cartridges on sale. I so wanted the Create a Critter cartridge but they didn't have it on my first trip to the store. I was thinking they probably didn't have it since it is fairly new. I did find the Forever Young cartridge that I have been wanting for a while, so I bought that one. I went back to Michaels to stock up on blank cards (they were a such a good deal!!) I walked by the cartridge display and just happened to glance at the R. top corner and to my surprise there was Create a Critter. I think it must have been Devine Intervention. As you can guess, I actually treated myself twice!!hehe. Here are some cute cards I made with Create a Critter. Hope you like them. Have a great Friday.

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  1. Adorable. I want to get create a critter too. Love the kitty. I also love all the pictures you post of your kitty. It makes me laugh to see your cat in the suitcase and things like that. My cat use to do that. She passed away and my husband and I are choosing not to have any animals right now but I sooooo miss her.
    Keep sharing pics of her!!! Kim